Sunday, July 31, 2005

The Sunday NY TImes

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Reading the Sunday New York Times will never be the same with these gals around! OK, I admit it - I'm one of those strange types who likes to spread out on the livingroom floor on Sunday mornings and read the NY Times at a leisurely pace. That has now become impossible - but, who's complaining?

Tigger (the slut) seems to have some weird attraction to smell or feel of the ink or of the paper itself. She lies stretched out across the full width of the paper and rubs the side of her face against it. If I pet her while she's doing this, she must smell on my hand whatever it is about the newspaper that drives her wild, and she goes crazy licking my fingers.

Coco is no better - I think she's crazy for the same smell/feel of the ink/paper or whatever. Only she shows her affinity in a different manner - she dives under the newspaper and tries to remain completely covered by it.... you may recall similar behavior after her surgery, when we needed to use newspaper instead of litter in the litterbox.

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